Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They make straws out of paper?

For us 80's babies, we learn things everyday about how it was in our parent's day. After watching a commercial, I realized I wanted to have mustache straws as decorations and for people to use. I used swagbucks to get an a few amazon gift cards to pay for a lot of the decorations. I bought the straws with these gift cards saving me almost $8.00.

Using the pazzles, I cut out about 150 mustaches out of 9 sheets of black paper (Purchased from Michael's with a %50 off coupon-making it only $2 for a pack of 50 pieces of paper).

Total Investment:

Straws: $8.00 + Paper:  $0.40 = $8.40 for 144 straws (~6 cents each)

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