Saturday, May 19, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I knew we had to have both the families there. With give and take, we were able to get the guest list down to 28 people.

For these 28 people, I wanted them to have something to take home with them.

I wanted to invite my groom's sister to be our Ring Bearer/Bridesmaid. I wanted to make sure it was special for her too since she's 11 (at the time of engagement-12 by the wedding).

I knew I would sew my dress.

I knew I could make the programs.

I knew I could make the decorations.

We're now facing a lot of decision of stuff I never thought about. I played on all the wedding websites. Lots and lots and lots of ideas. I stole a lot of ideas. I came up with my own for others. Nothing could be normal!

It was an addiction. But the more I looked, the more I realized, I really wanted to do something for my friends. My core group from college is like my family. We literally talk to each other everyday-even after 10 years. I couldn't imagine a "Special Day" without my special folks. So BAM. Party was created.

Now we have a wedding, a lunch for the family, and a party for the friends. This is getting hectic. And oh yeah, this party was going to have to be included in the $1800 wedding budget. 

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