Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm so glad that I have these friends o' mine

I had the joys of growing up in a small town. Oh you know the kind...where everyone knows everyone. I wouldn't trade it for anything and in my dream world, I'd live in that same town surrounded by those I met and loved in college and post-college years.

My best friend from childhood happened to be a photographer. So she helped out...more than helped out. I would not have made it through my wedding without her. She was the calming force when stuff would go wrong. She did my make up, my photos, my photobooth, giving me ideas, giving me support, making christmas gifts for me, working as a waitress at the wedding, setting up the name it, she was there making it happen. I couldn't thank her enough for everything. 

Her husband even married us and did photos and showed up at the party as chuck-e-cheese! 

A family friend (my other bestie's cooler older sister that use to drive us to school in her classic VW bug) found out we were doing a carnival theme and offered us her popcorn machine and cotton candy. She had all the popcorn and butter! Then 2 days before the wedding, she gave me the most perfect pair of sunglasses to match my outfit. 

My hairdresser got sick the day before, her coworker called to say she could do it and even gave us a big discount. Turns out, we were part of a wedding before where she did the bride's hair and I was the maid of honor! 

My best female friends from college helped me plan, execute, and decorate for the wedding. Coming a full two days before and set it all up! 

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