Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Engagement

Every little girl dreams of the day that her perfect man asks her to marry him.  The big white dress. The fancy cake. The elaborate plans. They know them all.

Except this girl.

I never wanted any of that! I never desired to get married. If it happened, it happened. If not, no biggie. Then there was the wedding. To me, the perfect wedding was eloping. Small simple. Me and him and two witnesses. It's all I wanted. Then after the elopement, a nice old fashion party at my parents house. We're talking a barbeque or a cookout. Nothing fancy. Just a "congratulations to you guys" kind of thing.

Then walks in Mr. Perfect-For-Me in my life. Our love story was a comedy by all means. Girl meets boy. Girl was told not to hit on boy. Boy gets drunk and hits on girl. Girl keeps trying to throw parties so boy will get drunk again and hit on her again. Boy won't drink around girl again for fear of hitting on her again. Girl gives up and asks the boy out. Just lovely.

The talk of marriage began and he says the dreaded words "I want a wedding. I want my whole family there."  BAM. Elopement was not an option. He finally asked-after I kept sneaking around his room going "where is it? I know you ordered it. I gave you a coupon for it..."  I took pictures of the ring. Texted it to everyone. And within 12 hours, the thrill was gone and the DOOM of wedding planning was on.

I love this man. He is the ONLY man I'd ever even be willing to plan a wedding for.. it still doesn't mean I want to do it. It's a labor of love. Looking back, I wouldn't change anything. The laughs, the fights. It was all worth it and it made us stronger somehow. More understanding of each other...somehow...and more appreciative of our special day...somehow?

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