Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I LOVE balloons

To make things even more special, I wanted for every person to have a balloon in their cup. I love balloons. I know there's a helium shortage and I shouldn't have done this but I LOVE balloons. So all 26 guests that came to the wedding got a balloon.

To weigh it down, I wanted to use gummy bears. I cut boxes with the pazzles and had it draw our faces on one side and a heart cut out on the other with the lid shaped like a heart. I didn't have any acetate sheets so I used a ziploc bag and used the clear parts to make the window on the box.

Total Cost: Paper $2.60 (On sale 5 for $1)+ Plastic (free) + Glue (free)+ Balloon ($26.00)=$28.60 for 26 or $1.10 each!

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