Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sit your butt then sign your name

If you couldn't tell, I don't want to like to throw money away and I like stuff to be practical. One thing I couldn't get over is spending money on a guest book I'm going to store away and never read. I searched for practical ideas and stumbled upon this one.

A guest bench seemed like such a fantastic idea! 
       A) It would give my fiance a wedding project
       B) It would give my parents a place to sit at the wedding
       C) It would be something my friends would get to decorate
       D) I would be able to smile seeing said bench everyday

It had to be done! I didn't give my fiance a budget for this project because...my future father in law gets the most amazing deals at Lowes and Home Depot. He got $200 worth of plywood for $40 months prior that we used for so many random things. Using leftover 2x4's and plywood, they made a beautiful bench. I painted it white and used the pazzles to cut a stencil for our names. All the paint was leftover from previous house projects. 

Everyone loved the idea. We put it on a work stand covered with fabric and made it counter height. We threw a sign on there and some sharpies and ended up with a treasured bench. 

Total cost for an awesome bench and sign: Nothing
Total cost for the sharpies: $2.75 on clearance at Michael's for 4. 

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