Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baby, it's hot outside

Being from North Carolina, I knew there was a good chance our mid-May wedding could be ruined with heat, rain, random chills-maybe all of the above! About two weeks prior to the wedding, I thought "I should make some fans for the wedding!" I looked online and they cost $25 for 20 printable ones! I swear if it has the word "wedding" attached, they triple the price.

It hit me, at the state fair last year, Food Lion was giving out fans! I had gotten there early before they realized they needed to unwrap the bunch and gave me 2 packs of 20. They would be perfect to recreate!

I should have taken a before picture. But they were just square on a Popsicle stick with this fun logo:

Using a can of spray paint, I made them all white. I then cut an "L" on the pazzles and some polka dots out of some scrap vinyl. I now had 20 custom fans!

(Sorry this is the only up close photo I took before I put the ribbons on...silly phone camera)

But this one is after the ribbon (after the ceremony)

It ended up being a perfect 70 degrees during the wedding but people loved them at the party-I only had 2 leftover cause so many people took them home with them!

Total Cost: $4 Spray Paint + Vinyl $2.50 + Ribbon $1 =$7.5

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