Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Tea Cups!

I wanted each person to take home something that was memorable and unique to our wedding. Since my fiance and I love sweet tea, I decided to paint Sweet Tea Glasses.

We used Vetrea 160 paint. I printed their names in a font and size I liked. Taped it on the inside of the glass and painted over it. Then I printed various size dots for the glass and painted over them. They took about 10-20 hours each since I made sure each dot dried flat before painting the next one.

The glasses cost $50 for 36 glasses-so I could make a few for my college friends. The paint I bought one color at a time with 50% off coupons and ended up paying $12 and it covered well over 36 glasses. To make them a little sharper, I used 3 sheets of papers to cut some bow ties for my fancy glasses...

Total Cost: $62.12 for 36 glasses ($1.73 each)

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