Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Always Loved a Photo Booth

One of the trends that I've become a big fan of is the Photobooths. I looked at renting one ... $800 for 4 hours...OH MAN that's way too much for this frugal bride. 

Another friend had done a "photobooth" by setting up a digital camera with a remote and taping off the area in the photo. This would work for me! I have a nice digital SLR  and could easily buy a remote. 

Next to figure out was how to do a back drop. I thought "how cool would it be to have a 'big top' backdrop!?" I came up with a simple pattern...oh gosh...fabric is expensive when you use this much! In walks Save-The-Day-Mom. She just happened to have extra fabric- tons of red with white polka dots and sewed it to a white tablecloth. Within a few hours, she whipped this bad boy up!

I figured what's a photo booth without props? A quick google search returned dozens of ideas. I printed some colorful ones on cardstock, cut out black and white ones with the pazzles.

Then, I started getting creative and decided to have speaking and thought bubbles that you can write on. I just cut chipboard that I got out of the trash at work, sprayed it with chalkboard paint, and stuck them on a dowel rod. Perfecto!

Everyone had such a great time with this. Due to the weather during set up, the photo booth got move to the inside a little hidden but we had a good number of photos turn up that were hilarious. 

And some that were adorably cute. 

Total cost: (Backdrop-Nothing) + Camera (Nothing) + Remote ($17) + Dowel Rods ($4 for 24) + 20 sheets of paper ($0.40) + Chalkboard Paint ($3.50 after using a 50% off coupon) = $24.90

I think I saved $775 on this one! 

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