Saturday, May 19, 2012

I do it with Swagger and Points

For those who are couponers, you probably know the world of mypoints or swagbucks. I would check almost every day for the first few months to do as many surveys as I could. It would take about 20-30 minutes a day if I qualified for a survey. My fiance also did this and so did my mom. Over several months, we were able to accrue almost $100 in amazon gift cards on swagbucks.

With mypoints, I had scored up thousands of points by clicking through emails every day over the years. I honestly forget I'm doing it until Wednesdays and then go through and click them all. I traded them in for $100 in amazon gift cards.

Pictured below is the first set of things I purchased with the cards. We also purchased syrup flavors, more machines, and cotton candy sticks.

Overall, the total cost of all the machines, using gift cards, and special deals ($25 gift card for $10 things), I ended up only paying about $50 out of pocket for the "entertainment."

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